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The 5 Best Travel Backpack For Fat Guys

If you are in a hurry and want to find out what the best travel backpack for fat guys is, then we recommend Tortuga Men’s Setout Travel Backpack as the best one.

The travel backpack is probably one of the most ubiquitous items seen by travelers. This is because it allows quick access to different items, especially medicine and emergency supplies. 

It can also make a break truly refreshing and allows a traveler to deal with any number of emergencies in transit. 

While everyone looks for the same basic details in a backpack, such as sturdiness, well-fitting, and decent storage space, other groups have more specific needs.

The best travel backpack for fat guys must also be easily maneuvered, able to fit in an overhead compartment, and lightweight. 

Larger men have a greater circumference, which can sometimes make it necessary to consider how easy it is to maneuver a backpack so that something can be taken out of it or inserted. 

They also tend to carry essential items in a bag, so it needs to be able to fit in any storage space without a problem. Because of how much it is used, it also needs to provide a decent amount of storage space. 

Lastly, overall bulk needs to be considered as well. With that in mind, we will look at five backpacks to see how they work for larger men.

At a glance, here are the top 5 best travel backpacks for fat guys that we’re going to review:

The Best Travel Backpack For Fat Guys Reviews

These are our favorite backpacks for fat or big guys. To find out the latest pricing for each backpack, please click the button provided in each review.

Tortuga Men’s Setout Travel Backpack – Best Overall

While bulky, the Tortuga Men’s Setout Travel Backpack checks many boxes. It is durable, fits on most airlines, and can carry a week’s worth of clothing. 

It is also laptop-friendly, making for a backpack that can get you anywhere and let you do whatever you want to do there. 

Better yet, for those looking for a backpack that can go anywhere they do, it can be worn for long periods by most people; if you are a larger male looking for a backpack that is your size, this is it.

However, there are a couple of minor problems. First, this is better for larger men; the straps are just not for smaller individuals. 

Also, its bulky size may be an issue, especially for those looking for something cooler looking; this backpack is made for practicality, not looks. 

Also, inserting or retrieving items may be difficult; the backpack may require being laid out to get to some items. Also, it may not fit in an overhead bin if fully loaded. 

However, this is a fairly decent backpack; while it will not win any beauty contests, this backpack will get you where you want to go.


  • Load lifters help lift the load 
  • A sleek aesthetic that blends in with a crowd
  • Available in both men’s and women’s fits


  • The strap size could be troublesome for some people
  • Some of the pockets can be hard to access/utilize when the pack is full

Osprey Farpoint 55 Mens Travel Backpack – Best Backpack For Hiking Trips

While overall a good backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack has some minor problems. 

It is a large backpack capable of holding up to 50 pounds. It has internal straps and an external frame to make carrying it much easier, and an additional daypack for additional storage. 

Overall, the backpack is excellent, capable of handling a lot of equipment and allowing for the easy retrieval of items. 

The smaller version can also fit in an overhead bin, assuming you remove the daypack.

However, the backpack must be removed to retrieve or insert anything, and the frame, while making it easier to carry, also makes it almost impossible to maneuver to the front. 

There is also the problem that the daypack cannot always re-attach once removed, with zippers breaking with the slightest pressure. It also has some durability issues, as it does not last as long as some backpacks. 

Overall, this is a great backpack, but the problem with the daypack causes some concern while, at the same time, an excellent concept.


  • Many handy features
  • Comfortable
  • High Capacity


  • The frame makes the main pack too big for a carry-on
  • Could have more organization in the main compartment

MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault 24 Backpack – Best EDC Backpack for Wannabes

The MYSTERY RANCH Urban Assault 24 Backpack comes highly recommended for everyday use. 

The backpack is based on military pack designs, making for a rugged design and one that allows the user to insert and retrieve items quickly. 

It can also be easily maneuvered to the front, making for a backing that can make the wearer’s life easier. 

It can also be easily stowed in an overhead bin, allowing it to be stored on a long flight. It is also a comfortable backpack, great for long-time wear, allowing its wearer to travel long distances while wearing it.

However, the relatively limited carrying capacity could be a problem, 

Also, the pockets made for water bottles do not stretch as readily as they should, requiring the wearer to store the bottles inside the backpack and reducing the carrying capacity. 

It makes for an overall pretty good backpack. Still, while it can be worn for longer periods, its limited capacity may be an issue for those attempting to strike for longer distances from civilization. 

It is a great backpack for casual backpackers but not for those looking for something for longer distances.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • A very comfortable harness system
  • Unique 3-Zip design for multiple ways to access


  • No drawstring for water bottle holder
  • No elasticity in organizer pockets

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack – Best For Urban Wear

Designed for use by gamers, the Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack is a decent backpack for those looking for something to carry equipment from site to site. 

The pockets are generally well-designed, albeit snug for laptops, and look pretty good; they will impress those looking at them. 

The backpack can also be quickly maneuvered to the front, and you should be able to quickly retrieve or insert items, although it may take a little effort to get items to fit. 

It should impress someone looking for an excellent backpack to get them from game to game.

However, as noted, this is a relatively small pack and made more for urban wear than everyday carry. 

The backpack also requires some care as it is not as durable as other backpacks, with the pack falling apart relatively quickly. 

Also, this is just a little too large for an overhead bin and will most likely be considered a carry-on piece of luggage. 

Thus, this backpack is excellent for urban wear, especially from site to site, and should keep your equipment safe. Still, it is not one that overland backpackers will appreciate, given its small size and durability issue. 

Still, a great-looking pack!


  • Comfortable and rugged while packed with features.
  • Suitable for laptops and other gaming consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation.
  • The main compartment has a 180-degree opening.


  • The frontal strap can be uncomfortable for women
  • On the heavy side

Standard Luggage Flight Approved Backpack – Best Backpack For Day Trips

For those looking for something that looks good but has no frills, the Standard Luggage Flight Approved Backpack is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

It can be used as a backpack or shoulder bag, making it great for someone looking for a backpack that can be used from the front and allow for significant insertion and retrieval ability.

You should be able to shift to your front, grab or insert whatever you need to, and return it to your back without breaking stride. 

It was also designed for overhead bins and provided decent storage space. However, they are some durability issues. 

Also, there is a lot of wasted space, as some pockets are a little more shallow than they should be, creating the possibility that you may have some leftover space no matter how well you pack it. 

Also, this is a no-frills backpack; it looks good, but this one will not stand out. 

It is a decent backpack but is one you are likely to use for short trips, possibly for just a few days and not a week.


  • Large capacity 35-45 liters, but still carry on
  • Easy to access gear inside, opens like a suitcase
  • Straps stow away if you need to check the backpack in


  • Luggage tags and zippers are weak
  • No waist belt

A Backpack Needs to be Where You Need

One of the problems some people have with a backpack is that it is hard to maneuver. 

Some backpacks are hard to maneuver due to confining strap design, security systems, or even a strange strap design. 

It can be a problem when the wearer needs something out of the backpack and needs to take it off to grab something. 

It can be a problem for those looking to get through a line quickly or even deal with business in short order, such as finding a passport.

The ideal backpack can be shifted forward quickly with little problem. 

While this can be a matter of leaving one arm free, that is hardly the most efficient way to wear a backpack over a long distance.

It can also create problems, such as snagging on items or causing potential shoulder pain due to the awkward way of carrying the backpack. 

A backpack that can be maneuvered from the back to the front shows a successful design and is worth carrying.

Items Should Be Easy to Insert or Remove

Part of carrying a backpack should make traveling more interesting, not a hindrance. However, items need to be quickly retrieved from their depths or pockets. 

It should not just be part of the person organizing things correctly but should be part of the backpack’s design. 

It should have its sections designed well enough that something can be quickly retrieved or, better yet, quickly inserted into the backpack so it can be easily retrieved later.

The best backpacks are more than just a big hole with a cover. There should be multiple sections available and a central section; after all, you do have larger items that need to be carried. 

The reasoning is that one of the problems that a lot of guys have is finding something in a hurry and being able to insert it into the backpack. 

Sometimes you need to stop everything from grabbing something when you should be able to deal with it on the go. 

It Needs Some Room

Some backpacks are so well organized that they have little storage room, while others are just small in the first place. 

While this is great for specific uses, such as first aid kits and other bundles, it does not work for a backpack you would use for traveling; there is not enough room for everything you need when you leave home. 

A traveling backpack needs some actual storage space.

A traveling backpack should therefore have some serious storage space. It should be able to handle all of the supplies you need for at least a couple of days, including possible snacks, an electric toothbrush, and a travel blanket. 

The idea of a traveling backpack is that you should be able to leave home and not have to be home by midnight because you do not have the room you need for everything. 

As such, storage needs to be seriously considered.

It Should Fit Anywhere

There are two considerations here. 

The first is that a too-big backpack is also going to be too heavy; if the backpack is too heavy, it just cannot be used as a traveling backpack.

After all, the idea is to walk as much as possible, and if you need a vehicle to carry the backpack, you are doing something wrong. 

Thus, while you need a backpack with plenty of storage space, it should not be too big. Instead, it should be small enough to fit into an overhead bin

Most larger travelers have space issues, to begin with, so the backpack needs to be put away as needed. 

If it is too large, it cannot be stowed away and thus could create some problems in transit, such as requiring its seat. 

As such, the size of the backpack needs to be considered.

So Which One Is Best?

While none of the backpacks is perfect, and some are great for specific uses, the Tortuga Men’s Setout Travel Backpack is arguably the best overall. 

The Standard backpack is a good backup but has enough durability issues to make it a debate; it is a great backpack for day trips but may not be good for overland hikes. 

The Everki pack is great for urban wear, but that is about it; it is just too designed explicitly for gaming to make it useful in the field. 

However, the Mystery Ranch and Osprey packs may not be bad for those looking for a great backpack for more general wear and should be considered by serious backpackers.

It may not be that maneuverable, and you will likely have to stop and open it up, but it is well-designed and can be stowed in an overhead bin. 

For those looking for a decent backpack that will enable them to get to wherever they are trying, the Tortuga pack is arguably the best travel backpack for fat guys.


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