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Planning A Trip to Italy Itinerary

Are you planning a trip to Italy for vacation but do not know how to plan your holiday itinerary? You’ve done some research and planning but you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You now think of questions: How many days should I spend? How many cities and attractions to visit? Where to stay? What is the best route to take? and many more.

Without a doubt, Italy has a lot of beautiful scenic spots that you can visit and treasure while you travel. It is such a big country that you would need to have a specific itinerary planned out to be able to explore it thoroughly.

There’s no way for you to see and do everything in a single trip, so it’s best to pick your absolute must-sees places when planning a trip to Italy.

If you’re the first time traveling to Italy and still planning a trip to Italy itinerary, I hope this article can help you out to achieve your goal.

Let’s get started!

Planning A Trip to Italy Itinerary Guide

The Main Purpose

The first thing that you have to consider when planning your itinerary in Italy is your purpose in going.

Are you going for business or pleasure? Once you can answer this question, planning your next step would be a piece of cake.

For this article, we will assume that you are traveling for pleasure. Traveling for pleasure is one of the best things to do, mainly because you don’t have to be burdened by tight schedules and meetings while traveling.

The Specifics Of The Schedule (the Traveling Time Frame)

You have to think about the time frame of your travel plans. Will you go during the holidays? Or during normal weeks? By knowing your schedule, you will be able to budget your money well even before you land in Italy.

One tip to remember is that accommodations and travel fares are much more affordable during normal weekdays than on holidays because of the high demand during this time. So if you are going to travel to Italy, it would be best to book in advance to get the lowest rates possible.

What is even more important to remember is that you have control over your activities during the trip. You will have the opportunity to do whatever you want once you get to Italy.

You can go to one restaurant on the fly and eat whenever you want. You just have to make sure that you are prepared for it. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most famous landmarks that you can visit while traveling to Italy for pleasure.

For now, let us focus on some of the other things that you need to remember before traveling to Italy.

The Travel Insurance

You have to get travel insurance. You also have to prepare your gadgets to help you navigate your way through Italy much faster.

Many travel agencies can help you get your documents ready online so you don’t have to worry about not being able to prepare those in time.

Basic Itinerary Plan

The fourth thing that you need to think about is your basic itinerary. Where would you like to go to Italy?

From having a sweet gondola ride in Venice to visiting the historic churches in Rome, there are many options for you to choose from in terms of places to go.

This is why you have to make a clear plan of action before traveling.

Now we can go to the basic itinerary information. Here are some of the major tourist spots that you need to visit right away if ever you succeed at coming to Italy.

Places To Visit In Italy As Soon As Possible

Itinerary One: Venice

Before reaching Venice, you would have to purchase a Vaporetto Pass. This will take you anywhere in the islands of Venice as well as some of the adjacent islands like Murano and Torcello. This pass will last for about 24 to 48 hours.

In your visit, you will begin with the Accademia Stop. You will be able to stay at the popular Ca’ Pisani hotel and even die at the La Rivista.

After this, you can go ahead and tour Saint Mark’s Basilica if enjoy its historic architecture and design. Just remember that photography is not allowed in the Basilica so you have to just enjoy the moment of solemnity and silence.

If you want, you can hop in next door to the Doge Palace. If you did not include this in your initial plans and you don’t have a ticket, you can just purchase some at the far end of Saint Mark’s Square.

From there, you can go up the stairs to the Correr Museum Counter and buy the tickets.

Venice Accommodations And Dining Options

The next two things that you have to think about when traveling are the dining options and accommodations

You have to choose a hotel that would be able to provide you with proper amenities and cuisine during your stay. Many star hotels in Italy will be able to provide you with this particular requirement easily.

The good thing about these hotels is that they are very cheap so you won’t have to worry about shelling out too much money just to get the best accommodations.

Here is an example as follows:

HOTEL CA ‘PISANI – This is just a few miles from the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Italy. You can just take a taxi or bus and you will be able to enter Venice all on your own. From here, you will be able to visit a lot of major tourist spots such as Saint Mark’s Place and the Cathedral in Venice.

In the hotel, you will also have the opportunity to taste authentic Italian cuisine and other exotic dishes filled with seafood and other healthy alternatives.

They also have a hotel restaurant that serves the best breakfast buffet menu on this side of Europe. You will never regret visiting the La Rivista for sure.

You will have a wide variety of choices when it comes to food here. If you want Italian pasta or the traditional Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse, the professional chefs and the restaurant staff will be able to give it to you without a second thought.

Itinerary Two: Murano Island, Starburst​

You can visit this second tourist spot while in Venice. Murano Island is ½ of the two famous islands in Venice. Burano and Murano. These islands are famous for their glassworks and lace products as well as bright houses and other properties.

You can spend the morning here taking a stroll while enjoying the less populated islands and peaceful neighborhoods.

You can also visit the Rialto Bridge as well as the many churches and museums that can be found around Venice. They also have a casino for those more adventure tourists out there. If you are in the mood for a food trip, you can easily go to the fish and produce markets around downtown Venice as well.

For those wanting to explore the Venice nightlife, do not forget to try the Aperol Spritz as well as the Chichetti in one of the local bars here.

These are just some of the things that you can look forward to your visit to Venice. You will surely keep coming back for more if you decide to stay here for a few nights.

That’s not all below. There are many other places and sites that you can explore well in Italy. Please continue reading to learn more about them.

Itinerary Three: Florence

If you are in the mood for romance and beauty, this is the perfect place for you to visit in Italy. Florence is known for its great architecture as well as the arts and of course the food. Your tour of Italy will not be complete without taking a detour here for a few nights.

Here are some of the more well-known spots that you can go visit while in Florence.

Here, you can see a copy of Michelangelo’s magnificent sculpture known as David at the Academia. You will also be able to see a lot more artwork from masters like Da Vinci, Picasso, and Botticelli.

You will also be able to visit the Dante Museum and go through the many Palazzos as well as the Boboli Gardens. You will be able to also see a great view of Florence below Michelangelo Piazza if you go through the Arno River.

Take a tour of downtown Florence and haggle through the menu of leather goods and scarves as well as jewelry from the local street vendors. You will also be able to check out the local cuisine at the Mercato Centrale or Central Market.

You will truly enjoy the sights and sounds here in Florence so do not hesitate to give it a go as soon as you can.

Where Can You Stay in Florence?

Being one of the most popular destinations in Italy, you will have many options to think about in terms of accommodations in Florence. Here they are as follows:

Many Florence hotels and smaller cottages are available for any tourist that might want to explore this part of Italy for just a few days.

Most of these small cottages offer a beautiful view of Florence and would give the customer clean and comfortable beds to sleep in. You will enjoy your stay here even more because of the hospitable people as well.

If you want to ask for directions to any of the sites that you want to see in Florence, the owners of these small bed and breakfast units will offer you some help without hesitation.

The Florence Food Trip


There is a new restaurant in Florence called the Foody Farm which has become quite popular among the locals and even some of the most frequent tourists and a specific area of the Italian countryside.

It is just a few minutes away from Duomo. If you visit the Foody Farm, you will have an interesting array of Italian cuisine as well as DC American burgers and Asian-inspired food as well. From kinds of pasta to freshly made salads, you will have a variety of choices in this particular restaurant.

Are you a fan of pastries and Italian desserts? This restaurant also offers some of the most delectable desserts on the menu. You will never regret being a visit to this particular location sooner rather than later.

Offering the most delicious food from all over the world, you will certainly get a steadfast commitment and the best service that only Foody Farm can offer.


Another famous restaurant in Florence that you can visit is the Yellow Bar. This particular restaurant stands out because most of its ingredients are purely organic specifically flour.

This is the reason why they produced excellent pizzas as well as pasta dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

If you want friendly service and good food, this is the place to be for sure.

Day Trip to Cinque Terre for Hiking

If you have an extra day to spend, you can plan a day trip from Florence to Cinque Terre for hiking for a unique experience. Cinque Terre is just a few hours outside Florence.

Regardless of which hiking trail do you choose, you’ll be able to explore all five villages with plenty of opportunities to stop and soak up the views.

This place is one of the top highlights among travelers. You will appreciate it.

The Fourth Itinerary: Rome

From Florence, you can get to Rome by train easily. You can choose between a subway or a traditional taxi ride. You can then disembark in front of the Spanish Steps which is fairly close to one of our chosen hotels for accommodations: The Hotel Madrid.

If you visit this hotel, you will get to pass by the Piazza De Spagna. If you want, you can stay there and observe the passing tourists for a while. You can also enjoy the great architecture and beautiful structures that this landmark has to offer.

You can also buy tickets for the Colosseum so you do not have to worry about missing any of the shows held there.  Just make sure to do it early so that you won’t have to deal with a long queue.

With these tickets, you will also get to enjoy the forum at Palatine Hill. You can also take a walking tour of the many museums and other parts of the Colosseum before deciding to go back to the hotel. It will certainly be an educational experience for you and the whole family if you decide to take along for the ride.

You can also go to the Vatican Museum. Just take the subway to the Vatican stop and try to spend an hour looking active you will church and Basilica surrounding the area. You will never regret your decision to do so.

Roman Accommodations

Aside from Hotel Madrid, you will also get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rome even more if you decide to stay in any of these hotels as follows:


This place is known for its coziness and warmth. It is situated in downtown roam just a little over 5 minutes away from one of the famous landmarks in the area, Piazza Navona. It offers delicious food from Umbria and Abruzzo.

The owner, a man named Stefano has created a heartfelt and appealing environment for any tears that would want to visit this particular place.

You will certainly feel like you are part of his family the moment you set foot in this particular hostel. Within the hotel itself, you will find the best in Italian cuisine from meats, cheeses, bread, and wine, you will certainly enjoy your stay here without question.

Restaurant Recommendations


If you want to go out and enjoy a night out of the town in Rome, you can eat at the Da Baffetto with your friends for sure. It is extremely popular for its pizza and the limited number of tables at a maximum of 10.

If you don’t mind waiting, you will get to enjoy the best thin-crust pizzas you can have in Italy and around the world. They offer a lot of toppings from tomato, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and egg as well as a variety of sausages and other spices that are exclusive to Italy for sure.

Doors open at noon for lunch and 6:30 PM for dinner.

Give it a shot and get a taste of why some people love Italian Food as well as authentic Italian pizza. It will be a great part of your vacation in Italy for sure.

The Final Words

If you truly want to enjoy yourself in Italy, you have to be willing to try everything that you can try in this foreign land. This way, you will be able to appreciate life in a different country much more and then share it with your friends and family members if after your trip.

In addition to this, do not be afraid to travel alone. Some people refuse to do this and miss out on some of the best destinations that they can go to not only in me but in other parts of the world as well. Be brave in chasing your jeans and you will certainly find a way to travel wherever you want to go.

If you can do this, you will certainly gain more experience and become even more equipped to handle everything that may come your way in the future. So what are you waiting for? Get on a plane now and go to the many destinations available in Italy.

You will certainly not regret your decision to take a leap and fly away.


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